What happened to free speech?

by fmhilton

Since OWS has been in existence, there has been a huge groundswell of support for it from a vast number of Americans, who have responded positively to the message that they’re attempting to send to Wall St, and Congress.

There’s an equal number of people who have been actively discouraging, dismissing and degrading the ideals of the movement.

CNN’s article comments:

To all these OWS people who can’t get a job…there is plenty of produce just waiting to be picked by tax paying American citizens in states that are pushing the illegals out….oh, but that’s beneath you and you deserve more and why should you work when the government will send you a check every month from money taken in taxes from people who work on Wall Street.

It’s disturbing to see how many people actually think that OWS should be shut down and run out of town, literally:

Yexactly Rick-man. That’s precisely what they want now and in the future. The only real goal is to destroy or weaken the “system” without really knowing or caring what comes next. Or perhaps worse, with some kind of plan in place to benefit from it. Absolutely evil either way.

this is dangerous being in groups like this. a terrorist could set off a bomb. they need to be removed. NOW!. it does no good crowding a park. really what does this accomplish? lawmakers will only listen if you put them in a difficult position and force them to change laws.

Everyone from Michael Bloomberg to Newt Gingrich who stated that in opposition to the Tea Party, that all OWS wants is to do is:

“They want to tear down our country,” Gingrich said. “We love and want to rebuild our country. That’s the difference.

I don’t think so, Newt.

Yes, the occupiers have no stated demands. They are ‘faceless mobs of dirty, filthy street scum’ who are making life inconvenient for others.

They’re noisy. They’re just so unacceptable to the imagined idea of a ‘protest’ movement.

Remember the Vietnam War protests? They were noisy, big and full of ‘dirty filthy street scum’ who were unrelenting in their quest for the war to be ended.

They did succeed. The Vietnam War became very unpopular and unsupported by the majority of Americans by the time we actually evacuated Saigon in 1975.

That took 10 years.

It’s taken us 40 years to get to this point in our economic downturn, and it’s not getting better.

Only by becoming noisy, loud and rude are we ever going to get anyone to pay attention to us.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but there are sometimes more important things that matter than your personal space issues.

As this article on Alternet states far better than I can:

“There can be no denying that these people camped out in public spaces across the country have been an inconvenience for locals at times, and that may well be reflected in the polling, but revolutions aren’t known for their convenience.