When God talks to you personally

by fmhilton

Ms. Ali and I were having our usual cup of coffee together-and she was highly amused by something she’d read on the Internet.

“Did you know that God has been speaking to the Republican candidates about their running for office?” Ms. Ali asked me.

“Yes, I did read that in several  places..what do you think about the likelihood of that happening?” I answered.

She giggled.  “Well, it’s kinda funny that God’s talked to three of them personally and told them to run for President. A bit odd that he wouldn’t pick just one and go with that person.”

“It does indeed appear that he has no favorites in this race, with three of them claiming that he told them to run”, I conceded.

Ms. Ali replied with:  “I’d say several things: that he is probably not well informed about their platforms, which are probably not even gonna sit well with him, being so anti-poor; and that he doesn’t realize that they all claim to be Christian but they’re the first to start hating people for not believing in their version of Him.”

“I’m kinda wondering if he’s not really embarrassed by being dragged into this mess.”

“It does seem a bit inconsistent with what we’ve been taught in Sunday School, doesn’t it? I asked.

Ms. Ali stated,  “It’s contrary not only to that, but to common sense as well. I’m not gonna say these people are mentally unbalanced, but that anytime you start hearing voices in your head telling you to do things, I’ve heard it’s about time to go see a doctor!”