Ms. Ali and Fame

by fmhilton

The other day while we were sitting in her kitchen having our usual daily cup of coffee, I asked Ms. Ali about her thoughts on being famous.

“You do know you’re becoming famous through my blog, Ms.Ali, don’t you?”

She was a bit amused by the question.

“Why, yes-come to think of it, I do believe I am. The guy who delivers oil actually said hi to me when he was by the other day, and the mailman has been real friendly just recently.”

“I don’t mean that..I mean, a lot of people are reading about what you have to say in my blog!”

“Well, if you really want my opinion on my ‘fame’, I’d have to say it’s not made a bit of difference to me. I’m still your neighbor who gives you a cup of coffee..and not much else, besides good copy for your blog…”

She kind of winked at that.

“But what do you think of it? Fame, I mean?”

She paused to contemplate this question.

“Seriously? It seems to me that being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I see all kinds of famous people just beating down every door just trying to be more famous. Doesn’t seem to change a thing in the world.”

“But isn’t being famous a good thing?” I asked.

“It can be-but only if you use the fame you get for something good. Like Bill Gates-he went and made Microsoft a huge company, left it and then went on to start his own fund for improving the world. He uses his name to get other big names to help him and raise money for it.

“I’d say that is the only reason that fame is useful-otherwise it’s a waste of time and energy-that if you have fame, you only have half of the equation done.

“You gotta use it to improve the world or educate someone else with it. Otherwise, you’re just being silly and fodder for the gossip columns.”