Editorial comment hits a home run!

by fmhilton

As in the past, I’ve been busy giving forth my opinion of the “Occupy Wall St.” movement and why it is so very popular-and gaining momentum with every passing day, mostly here and various other places.

Of course my very favorite spot is the New York Times, with Paul Krugman-who has been making rather terse and acerbic commentary on what has been developing, much to the distaste and general bewilderment of those in the 1% crowd.

Today I did such a comment. Not only did it get featured, but it was one of the most recommended comments on that editorial.

My comment:

In order to understand why so many people are so upset and protesting, check out this page of 2011 Executive PayWatch:

Corporate PayWatch

The very top earner, the CEO of Viacom made $84,000,000.00 in total compensation last year. He was followed by Lawrence Ellison, who made $77,000,000.00 in total compensation and there are a few others on that list who made obscene amounts of money.

My question is-how do you justify this? How does one ever earn that kind of money without having corrupted the system?

You’re darned right this is unfair and unjust. We should all be in the streets protesting this kind of wealth inequality.

The truth eventually comes out, kicking and screaming.

It’s true. The people who are making the most money on Wall Street and in the corporate offices have no idea why the rest of us are very upset at them.  They believe they earned that money.

I’d say they rigged the game.