How much did YOU make last year?

by fmhilton

You ever wonder how much executives at major corporations make?

I did, and I wanted to see how bad this system of executive compensation really is.

It’s bad-worse than anyone wants to admit. However, there are plenty of places to find out what the CEO of any American company makes in a year.

There are a few resources on this:

The AFL-CIO’s Executive PayWatch-a huge and detailed database of figures that will stun you with the huge disparity between the CEO pay and the ordinary company employee.

On the front page of that site, you will see a graphic that lists the ‘average’ pay and compensation of a Fortune 500 CEO.

Their figures:

2010 Average CEO Pay at S&P 500 Companies

Salary                                                                                   $1,093,989
Bonus                                                                                      $251,413
Stock Awards                                                                         $3,833,052
Option Awards                                                                       $2,384,871
Nonequity Incentive Plan Compensation                                   $2,397,152
Pension and Deferred Compensation Earnings                          $1,182,057
All Other Compensation                                                             $215,911
TOTAL                                                                                 $11,358,445

In 2010, Standard & Poor’s 500 Index company CEOs received, on average, $11.4 million in total compensation— a 23 percent increase in one year. Based on 299 companies’ most recent pay data for 2010, their combined total CEO pay of $3.4 billion could support 102,325 median workers’ jobs.

Their database is searchable and voluminous. It contains a wealth of information that should be more publicized.

There’s also the New York Time’s charts and figures here:

The Pay at the Top

When you see these figures, you don’t have to wonder why there is a movement called “Occupy Wall St.” going on.

Does anyone have the right to make this kind of money? Do they really earn it?

I don’t think anyone is automatically entitled to this kind of money. I’m not a socialist, capitalist, or communist.

I’m a humanist and believe that nobody should profit excessively from the misery of others.