When do we become civilized?

by fmhilton

Yesterday there were two executions in the United States:

Troy Davis who was convicted of killing a policeman in 1989,


White supremacist gang member Lawrence Russell Brewer who was executed Wednesday evening for the infamous dragging death slaying of James Byrd Jr.

The difference between the two? Troy Davis was black, convicted of killing a white policeman, and Lawrence Brewer was white, convicted of killing a black man.

It is claimed that blacks are executed more frequently than whites-however that is not the whole truth:

“While assertions that the U.S. executes more blacks than whites are incorrect — the country has executed 263 more white people than black people since the death penalty’s 1976 reinstatement — inequalities exist when a murder is interracial.”

However, the article goes on to say this in the next paragraph:

“According to the Death Penalty Information Center, 15 white defendants have been executed for the murder of black victims, but 246 African-Americans have been executed for killing whites.”

Sure seems like a racial imbalance in this country when it comes to taking lives.

Why are we so barbaric? Why are we like these countries (among others in this list)  when it comes to punishment?

  • Afghanistan
  •  Nigeria
  • Burundi
  •  Saudi Arabia
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Egypt
  • Thailand

You notice a startling similarity with this list of countries allowing the death penalty:

With the exception of a very small minority, they’re all ‘developing countries’ and granted Third World status in economic circles.

The United States is on this list.

I won’t draw the obvious conclusion, but it’s hard to not think that we’re as barbaric as some of the countries we argue are lacking in human rights.

Interesting list. Too bad we can’t grow up and become civilized like those countries that have outlawed capital punishment.

The CNN Poll:

Should the United States abolish the death penalty?

204, 367


Looks like we have some growing up to do. It can’t come soon enough. Too many people have died from our will to kill.