Editorial comment

by fmhilton

As I’ve written before, I love to write comments to the NY Times when they do salient editorials.

From time to time I’ve been honored to have my comments ‘highlighted’ as being the ‘most thoughtful and insightful that represent a range of views.’

Today was one of those days, where I wrote about their editorial on Afghanistan. Not only was I featured by the editors, the majority of the readers also agreed with me.

The Clock is Ticking.

My comment in full:

With all the money we have spent on the country, could the question be asked:

Why are we doing this?

What possible goals could be achieved with continuing to support this country in the state it is in, and why should we continue to give them money that won’t ever be put to good use?

Is there a good and compelling reason for our continued presence and support?

We’ve lost too many people and too much good will to be there any longer.

There’s no good reason for us to stay any longer. Sorry, but we have our own problems we must attend to.

We’ve got to cut the cord eventually and let the Afghan people determine their own fate, sooner rather than later.