Editorial Comments

by fmhilton

I love to write-such  a surprise, right?

I love to write so much that I do it all over the place. Anywhere that will let me spout off or write the sheer gibberish that I tend to do.

The NY Times is one such very forbearing place. Of course they’re democratic-they’ll let anyone with a profile do that in reply to editorials or stories. I often take advantage of those poor editors, far too often.

Sometimes my comments will end up as a ‘featured’ comment, which to me is the ultimate accolade.

Anyway: today there was an excellent editorial on their OP-Ed pages that I just simply had to have my say:  Comment # 162

Being poor is the new sin, according to the Republican Party. It’s because we don’t deserve to be rich.
We don’t have the brains. We don’t deserve anything for a break, because we’re lesser mortals than those who are rich enough to pay for campaign contributions.
To hear the leading contenders in the Republican Party speak, we’re just plain evil and loathsome to deal with. We would be better off dead or in jail. They want to punish us for our sin of not being rich, and taxing us is one way to do it with. Take away every single ‘entitlement’ program to further punish us. We deserve nothing but contempt.
To top everything else off, we don’t vote Republican, so that makes us the most reviled human beings in the world. We don’t deserve to share the same air as our ‘betters’.
Some Christians these people are.

No, this didn’t get featured, but I felt strongly enough to write it and it is exactly how I view the Republican Party right now.