You call that a hurricane?

by fmhilton

Ah, it’s Monday morning, day after TS Irene came lumbering into our region.

It was a very wet affair-with winds. It left 24 fatalities throughout the East Coast, according to updated reports.

But from my vantage point, Irene was a little bit more than a very prolonged and windy storm with lots of rain, and many experts are starting to agree with that.

Hurricane Bob, which landed in New England in 1991, was far worse:

Bob left extensive damage throughout New England, totaling to approximately $1.5 billion (1991 USD, $2.42 billion 2011 USD) in damage. In addition, seventeen fatalities were reported in association with Bob. The damage and fatalities that were reported were a result of high winds and rough seas. Bob was the last Hurricane to make landfall in New England for twenty years until Hurricane Irene struck the East Coast and New York in 2011. Hurricane Edouard brought hurricane force winds to Nantucket in 1996, but the center itself stayed offshore.

Due to extensive damage, the name Bob was retired in the spring of 1992, and was replaced with Bill starting in 1997.

This was just for New England:

It was the first hurricane to strike New England since Hurricane Gloria hit on September 27, 1985. Bob was responsible for six deaths in Connecticut, 18 deaths in the United States and 20 deaths overall. It spawned tornadoes in North Carolina and Long Island. Total damage in southern New England was approximately $1.7 billion ($2.5 billion in 2005 dollars).

It could be claimed that advanced warnings made Irene less dangerous.

I’d say that it was a bit on the overblown side and next time, could we just please calm down before hitting the panic button?

It will save a lot of sanity on everyone’s part.  Hysteria never does any good, before or during a weather event.