My Neighbor, Ms. Ali

by fmhilton

My neighbor was talking the other day about the government. She’s got a lot of opinions and is never afraid to air them.

“Ya know, this country’s going right to the hound dogs.’
“Really, Miss Ali?”
“Ayuh. The taxes are going right through the roof, the rich are buying the ones passin’ the laws and the rest of us get to pay for it.”
“You think it’s bad, huh?”
“I know it’s bad, because when they said ‘read my lips’, I could see their eyes just a rolling all over the place.”
“Their eyes? Whose eyes?”
“Well, the ones that told us not to worry about no new taxes.”
“You mean the Congress, huh?”
“Yeah, those people. I don’t get it..they pass the laws, and then they change them-and we get to pay for them over and over again. It’s like they love repeatin’ themselves.’
“Well you know, it’s a complex situation.”
“That’s what they said, too. “It’s a complex us, we’re working on it”-what I’m figurin’ is that they’re not only working on it, they’re raising the taxes to do it with.”