Fear and Loathing in Iowa

by fmhilton

(with respects to the late Hunter S Thompson, who coined that phrase.)


“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

So Rick Perry wants to be POTUS. What are his qualifications?

1. Money: he’s got plenty of backers with loads of money to give his campaign.

That’s just about it.

It’s money-and it certainly isn’t his educational record. He wasn’t considered a whiz.

Then there’s his track record as Governor of Texas-“The Texas Miracle”, is not one of the more outstanding achievements.

But wait: Michelle Bachmann has won the straw poll at Ames, Iowa.  Does this mean Perry’s out?

No. It means he can get all the money rolling in and steamroll her to the pavement, which is exactly what will happen.

Michelle Bachmann can dream only of winning straw polls. The Republican party will never nominate her, because she’s a woman. Yes-sexism at it’s finest, but it’s the truth. They’ve never been shy of that charge.

They will pick a man over any woman any day. It’s just safer that way.

So while Michelle is cheering “On to all 50 states “, Perry and the other males in the race will be getting the money.

She doesn’t have a chance or a clue. Neither do any of the other candidates because they don’t understand the landscape of the American voter: unemployment, poverty, foreclosure, layoffs, bankruptcy, and a pervasive feeling of dread every time we read the paper.

To me, and possibly others, these people who proclaim they know the answers are no better than straw men themselves, with a Bible in one hand and a flag in the other.

They’re dangerous and deceptive people. They can’t be trusted to make any good decisions because all they want to be sure of is if their backers are happy.

Hope the Koch Brothers are happy, and that the voters won’t be fooled by all the pretty posing that’s going to be done by all these ‘true believers.’

But I won’t want to bet on it. The same people who backed George W. Bush are those who are backing one of these candidates.

Remember what happened after he was elected?
Have we recovered from that election yet?