Restart on Go

by fmhilton

To be perfectly clear here:

This blog is my own personal opinions on subjects I find interesting.

The reader might disagree, think I’m nuts or ignorant. I’ll try to not slander or upset anyone-but if you’re upset or peeved at me about what I write-too bad.

I write about my thoughts on subjects of interest to me-perhaps I’m not an expert on anything, or nothing at all-but this is my writing, my thinking and my opinions.

If they don’t mesh with yours, that’s all right, but keep this little saying in mind when you’re tempted to post a comment designed to be constructive criticism:

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”

Remember, this is not Hemingway 101, or even Grisham 202. I’ll never make the short-list for the Literature Prize from the Nobel Committee, or get mentioned by the New York Times…these are just the musings of an opinionated woman.

Got it? Good. Enjoy.

If you read my previous posts, you will notice that they’re gone. I did that because they weren’t very good and a couple of them didn’t exactly please those that read them.

Criticism is only constructive when it is positive.